I help leaders grow personally and professionally.


Two things hold many people back: (1) We’re not clear on what we should do; (2) We know what we should do, but we don’t do it. My role is to help you understand why, and then close the gap, through a series of conversations that empower you with the clarity to make forward progress towards your better future.

As Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer of GOinnovation, I’ve worked with many individuals, teams, and organizations to design and implement engaging leadership development, team-building, and coaching processes. It brings me great joy to help people overcome challenges and become better versions of themselves.

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Keynote Speaking

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Executive Coaching

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Workshop and Event Facilitation


“This workshop was presented in such a clear fashion that these ideas and concepts will really stick with me. I would highly recommend making this available to more people in the organization.”

— Global finance leader, Catholic Relief Services